Avoid Personal Injury During Summer 2019

There’s nothing more disappointing than spending some – or all – of your summer holiday in the hospital recovering from an injury. Especially if it’s a preventable personal injury, which is an injury that can occur as a result of the actions or negligence of someone else.

Of course, no one wants to just sit around inside on a nice sunny warm day. Even activities like going for a hike or swimming at a public beach carry risks, not to mention those riskier activities, like white water rafting, rock climbing, or going for a motorcycle ride!

Do your Research

Before you sign up for an activity or lesson that involves some risk of personal injury, it’s wise to do some research. Often companies will have a toll-free number to call and you can speak to someone on the phone about what’s involved, and voice any other questions or concerns. Another source of information may be online reviews – either reviews of the company or the activity itself. Someone’s thoughts about their experience may help you decide if the activity is really something you want to try.

Have the Right Safety Gear  

Going to an unfamiliar beach, especially on the ocean, can present risks. Make sure you and your family have life jackets that fit properly and are done up when you are in the water. Rip currents can quickly pull someone away from shore and into deep water.

If you’re planning to go out on a lake or river in a small boat, it’s also best to be wearing a proper fitting life jacket in case something unexpected happens. Of course, personal injury can happen on bigger boats as well, like those that offer tours on the water.  You usually aren’t required to wear a life jacket on tour boats, but never be afraid to ask where they are located, in case you missed the safety talk at the tour onset. It’s also acceptable to ask if the boat captain is certified under the local or provincial authority, especially if there are water activities planned.

Helmets are another piece of important safety gear. If you’re planning to do any cycling, a proper fitting helmet is advisable. Being on unfamiliar bike paths means you may have to swerve quickly to avoid a hazard you weren’t expecting.

And of course, if you plan to rent any type of motorcycle this Summer, a proper helmet could mean the difference between life and death in an accident. If you are hurt in a motorcycle accident, seek out a personal injury lawyer to discuss your options.

Stay Alert and Be Prepared

Lack of attention can lead to all sorts of personal injury, especially if you are in unfamiliar surroundings. It’s tempting to be looking down at a map, or your GPS, while walking around an unfamiliar city, but that can lead to trips and falls. Take the time to stop and read the directions. Statistics also show pedestrian accidents in most cities are just as high in the Summer as they are in the Winter. Distracted drivers aren’t always to blame – sometimes it’s distracted pedestrians!

Whatever activities you plan during your Summer vacation, make sure they lead to wonderful memories and not injuries. If you are injured and feel you need advice about a personal injury lawsuit, call one of our personal injury specialists for a free no obligation consultation.

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Daniel Badre Founder, Partner
Daniel Badre is a distinguished personal injury lawyer based in Ottawa, renowned for his unwavering commitment to justice and advocacy for those who have suffered from accidents or negligence. With a legal career spanning over two decades, Badre has established himself as a compassionate and tenacious advocate for his clients.
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