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A Comprehensive Guide to Notary Services

Defining notary services in-depth and answering frequently asked questions. What is a notary [...]

Online Notary Services: Common Law Relationship Affidavit

Defining a common-law relationship and how to obtain a common-law relationship affidavit through online

Affidavit of Execution – Notary Services

A guide to writing and understanding an affidavit of execution and why you need

Travel Consent Letters for Children Travelling Abroad

In some circumstances, your children may need a travel consent letter to leave the country [...]

Explaining Notary Services and How to Use Them

What are notary services, and what does it mean to have something notarized? [...]

Changes to Long-Term Care Homes in Ontario

What to expect from long-term care homes as we begin to exit the pandemic. Throughout [...]

How Has COVID-19 Impacted our Civil Rights?

Civil rights are the rights that we have to social freedom and equality, but has [...]

What should I do if I Slip and Fall on ice or snow?

Our natural instinct after a slip and fall is to immediately get up and walk [...]

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