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Ontario Evidence Act: Exploring Evidence Types & Courtroom Tactics

Discover the Ontario Evidence Act's role in governing evidence types and courtroom tactics, ensuring fair [...]

Online Notary Services: Common Law Relationship Affidavit

Defining a common-law relationship and how to obtain a common-law relationship affidavit through online notary [...]

Affidavit of Execution – Notary Services

A guide to writing and understanding an affidavit of execution and why you need notary [...]

Travel Consent Letters for Children Travelling Abroad

In some circumstances, your children may need a travel consent letter to leave the country [...]

Explaining Notary Services and How to Use Them

What are notary services, and what does it mean to have something notarized? The Provincial [...]

Withholding Particulars of Surveillance

It is very important to request particulars of any surveillance during a plaintiff’s examination of [...]

Abolishing Juries in Civil Trials

Attorney General seeks input of insurance industry As some of you may have heard, the [...]

Trial VS Settlement: Pros and Cons

Accidents happen more often around us then we come to realize, however, in case of [...]

Iannarella v. Corbett – Reverse Onus and Disclosure of Surveillance

In February of 2015, the Court of Appeal released its decision in Iannarella v. Corbett. [...]

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