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Slip and Fall Claims in Canada: A Complete Guide

Imagine walking through a grocery store, admiring the colourful produce, and suddenly slipping on a [...]

Why Personal Injury Lawyers are Busy During Winter

Winter is here; it’s the most dangerous time of year for pedestrians and the busiest [...]


A disputed private members bill was referred on June 6th, 2019 to the current Standing [...]

Determining Injury Liability: Public Spaces

What to do if you sustain a personal injury on public property. In Ontario, property [...]

Looking for an Ottawa Injury Lawyer? Start Here.

If you’re looking for an Ottawa injury lawyer to represent you, don’t stress. We’ll help [...]

Slip and Fall Accidents – Winter Hazards

Slippery winter weather increases your risk of slip and fall accidents; stay upright this season [...]

Claims against the City for Slip and Falls

Slip and falls can result in significant injuries. Everything from soft tissue injuries, to fractures [...]

Slip and Fall Accidents – Personal Injury Hazards

Property Owner Obligations Property owners in Ontario have an obligation to keep their properties safe [...]

Slip and Fall Cases – Public Transportation

The usual slip and fall accidents that occur at this time of year tend to [...]

Falling Ice and Snow: Common Spring Injuries

Spring is here and as you know by all the flooding, the seasonal melt is [...]

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