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Seeking Justice: Legal Aid for Road Rage Incidents

Road rage is a serious issue that can lead to altercations, property damage, injuries, and [...]

Distracted Walking: A Hidden Cause of Rising Pedestrian Accidents

Explore the hidden cause of rising pedestrian accidents - distracted walking. Learn about its impact, [...]

Car Accident 101: Advice from an Accidents Lawyer

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5 Common Causes of Car Accidents in the Fall

Be aware of these typical autumn driving hazards to stay safe and avoid car accidents. [...]

Back to School Safety: Avoiding School Zone Accidents

As the school year starts and children return to in-person learning again, driving safely to [...]

Summer Injury Avoidance: Tips from Ottawa Injury Lawyers

Ottawa Injury Lawyers offer tips to stay safe while enjoying your summer to the fullest. [...]

New Distracted Driving Laws Warn Ottawa Lawyers

According to the Government of Ontario, the deaths from collisions caused by distracted driving have [...]

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