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Hit and Run Accidents in Ontario: Know Your Rights

Key Highlights Hit-and-Run: Introduction It’s known as a hit-and-run when someone is involved in a [...]

Car Accident 101: Advice from an Accidents Lawyer

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Hit and Run Accidents in Ontario

How to know if you were involved in a hit and run accident in Ontario [...]

Determining Fault in Winter Hit and Runs

The snowy weather makes winter hit and runs more common, but who is really at [...]

Should I Call the Police in Hit and Run Accidents?

Everything you need to know about how law enforcement can get involved whether you’re the [...]

How to Avoid a Hit and Run Accident – Cycle Safety

Leaving the car at home and biking wherever you need to go isn’t only a [...]

Hit and Run Accident: What Should You Do?

Unfortunately, hit and run accidents are quite common. If you’ve ever parked your car in [...]

Hit and Run Accident: What to do if it Happens to You

Road safety has become a big problem in Ottawa. Last year only, 14,394 reportable collisions [...]

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