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5 Common Causes of Car Accidents in the Fall

Be aware of these typical autumn driving hazards to stay safe and avoid car accidents. [...]

Questions to Ask Your Halifax Car Accident Lawyer

Ask a Halifax car accident lawyer these questions to determine whether or not they’re the [...]

How to Find the Best Halifax Accident Lawyer

Finding the best Halifax accident lawyer becomes significantly easier when you know which qualities to [...]

Hit and Run Accidents in Ontario

How to know if you were involved in a hit and run accident in Ontario [...]

Determining Fault in Winter Hit and Runs

The snowy weather makes winter hit and runs more common, but who is really at [...]

Should I Call the Police in Hit and Run Accidents?

Everything you need to know about how law enforcement can get involved whether you’re the [...]

Winter Tips for Avoiding a Motor Vehicle Accident

Winter is upon us in the country’s capital. Make sure you have a safe commute [...]

How to get Income Replacement Benefits (IRB) After a Car Accident

Income Replacement Benefits are benefits meant to provide you with some financial relief if you [...]

COVID-19 – Car Accidents & Insurance Premiums

Since about mid-March 2020 Canadians have been spending less time on the roads due to [...]

Do I Have a Case After a Car Accident?

Whether you have a car accident case depends on a number of different things including [...]

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