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Employment Law: Ontario Deductions from Wages and More

Everything you need to know about your rights to your wages and pay. The law [...]

Ottawa Employment Lawyer Answers Questions on Returning to Work

An Ottawa employment lawyer answers the most common questions about going back to the office. [...]

How to Find an Employment Lawyer in Ottawa

The qualities you should look for in an employment lawyer and how to find one [...]

How Will an Employment Lawyer Asses My Case?

We outline the variables and factors that an employment lawyer considers when presented with a [...]

13 Questions Employment Lawyers Get Most Often

An employment lawyer answers some of the most commonly asked questions about employment law and [...]

Everything You Need to Know about Wrongful Dismissal

How to identify and take action against wrongful dismissal Losing your job without any notice, [...]

When Do You Need an Employment Lawyer?

Your employee rights should always be a priority; knowing when to seek legal help from [...]

Employee Rights: Substance Addiction in the Workplace

Employee rights concerning drug testing and accommodations for substance It’s estimated that approximately 21% of [...]

Changes to Employment Law Effective in 2021

It’s crucial to know your rights in the workplace and to stay up-to-date on employment [...]

Gender Discrimination: Employment Lawyer Insight

An employment lawyer explains gender discrimination in the workplace and how to identify it. Discrimination [...]

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