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Migraines and Long Term Disability Claims

What is a Migraine? A migraine is a type of headache disorder. Migraines often effect [...]

Catastrophic Impairment and Long Term Disability

Catastrophic impairment and injuries can have a significant impact on someone’s life after a car [...]

How to Appeal Long term Disability Denial

Not be able to work because of an injury or disability is stressful, and long [...]

What is an Income Replacement Benefit?

Statutory accident benefits (“accident benefits”) are a type of no-fault insurance coverage attached to every [...]

Long-Term Disability Benefits – Who Qualifies?

Losing your main source of income due to an injury or disability can be devastating [...]

What Long-Term Disability Lawyers Want you to Know

Having a persistent injury or illness can be a very serious and difficult experience for [...]

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