What can a personal injury lawyer do for you?

No one wants to be in an accident, especially when there are injuries. Accidents can come in many forms – car accidents, slip or trip and falls, or any other accident that is a result of someone else’s negligence. If you’ve been seriously injured in any of these accidents it is a good idea to consider hiring a personal injury lawyer to make sure you are properly guided through each stage of the litigation process. They will also know how to value your case and how to achieve the maximum result.

The various types of personal injury cases:

  • Car accidents / motor vehicle accidents
  • Wrongful death cases
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Slip and falls
  • Trip and falls
  • Nursing home negligence

If there are no injuries or minimal injuries you can probably handle your case or claim on your own; however, if you are seriously injured in an accident it is a good idea to think about hiring a lawyer. In the context of a car accident, a personal injury lawyer can make sure the insurance company is approving your treatment or paying you an income replacement benefit. A personal injury lawyer will sit with you at examinations for discovery, mediation, pre-trial and ultimately trial. The personal injury lawyer will advocate for you so that you don’t have to stress about speaking to opposing counsel or the judge.

Getting started with a personal injury lawyer

To start, your lawyer will meet with you to make sure you are a good fit. He will take the time to understand what your needs are and whether he can fulfill them. He will also evaluate the value of your case and your potential credibility as a witness. A good lawyer will come prepared to the meeting and know generally what your case is about. Your lawyer will explain your options and what the best course of action is for you. As previously mentioned your lawyer will show you how to maximize the value of your case with expert reports and medical treatment so that you are not left in the dark fending for yourself trying to achieve the maximum result.

Other great reason to hire a personal injury lawyer

Another benefit in hiring a lawyer is your lawyer will handle the massive amounts of paperwork that needs to be completed and managed in a timely manner. This is especially the case in the context of car accident claims. If you are injured in a car accident you will need to open an accident benefits claim. Accident benefits claims are very paper intensive and there are deadlines that you need to be aware of. An experienced personal injury lawyer will assist you with all of these. When your personal injury lawyer is dealing with the insurance companies you can focus on your recovery and moving on with your life.

Only pay if you win!

The best part about working with a personal injury lawyer is that you do not pay unless you win. Your personal injury lawyer will not charge you if money is not recovered on your behalf. This gives you a fighting chance against the insurance company with deep pockets.

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Daniel Badre Founder, Partner
Daniel Badre is a distinguished personal injury lawyer based in Ottawa, renowned for his unwavering commitment to justice and advocacy for those who have suffered from accidents or negligence. With a legal career spanning over two decades, Badre has established himself as a compassionate and tenacious advocate for his clients.
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