When should I apply for Long Term Disability?

When should I apply for Long Term Disability?

Applying for Long Term Disability is important if you suffer from a medical condition that makes you unable to work. Opting for Long Term Disability insurance can help a lot, since it allows you to plan for your financial future without worrying about current problems or issues that might arise. 

The right time to apply for Long Term Disability

Figuring out when to apply for Long Term Disability is very important, and it all comes down to when you meet the requirements. Every insurer and every policy sees this differently, so you have to talk with them and see their current requirements related to their Long Term Disability policy. Generally, you need to have a condition that qualifies you as disabled within the meaning of the policy.

You may receive Long Term Disability benefits if you are paying for a Long Term Disability plan, if you have a medical condition that meets the disability test within the policy, and if you file a claim for the long term disability. Medical conditions that often meet the disability include cancer, lupus, HIV, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, degenerative disc disease, Crohn’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome and some mental health disorders, to name a few.

As you can imagine, this is just a simple, non-exhaustive list, there are various other health issues that might be included based on where you live and the insurance company that you are working with. Understanding that will help you narrow down everything and ensure that you obtain access as quickly as possible without any problems. Read the policy manual offered by the insurance company and see what’s included and if you are covered or not.

How can you file for a Long Term Disability Claim?

You can go to the employer and ask to file for a claim. Then you must complete and send the employee’s statement. Acquire the employer’s statement, get a statement from the doctor, fill out the appropriate forms and then submit anything else that supports the disability claim, including medical records. The insurance company will either accept or deny your claim. Ideally, you want to have as much proof as possible to support your claim, otherwise it might not be accepted, so you have to avoid that if possible.

Work closely with a lawyer to apply for Long Term Disability benefits

You can hire a lawyer to assist with applying for the Long Term Disability benefits and be successful. Trying to apply on your own might actually be more difficult, and many times the claim can end up denied if proper documentation and supporting materials are not provided. This is why you may want to retain a lawyer to assist you, otherwise you risk being denied long term disability benefits.

At Badre Law we are here to assist with filing a claim for Long Term Disability benefits, and to provide guidance throughout the process.  So, if you’re looking for comprehensive, professional support and assistance, we are here to help; do not hesitate to get in touch.

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