Why Personal Injury Lawyers are Busy During Winter

Why Personal Injury Lawyers Are Busy During Winter

Winter is here; it’s the most dangerous time of year for pedestrians and the busiest time of year for a personal injury lawyer.

Every year in Canada, winter rolls in, bringing ice, snow, slush, and rain with it. Harsher weather conditions, shorter and darker days create additional safety hazards for pedestrians. A Personal injury lawyer sees a lot of injuries in the winter months; it’s a busy time of year. It’s crucial to be aware of common winter-related accidents and take extra precautions to prevent injury.

The most common injuries that a personal injury lawyer sees in the winter

During the winter, the roads are more dangerous to navigate, sidewalks are slippery, and there’s a lot of snow to shovel. It doesn’t matter which age group you fall into; safety hazards everywhere can result in devastating personal injuries. Some of the most common accidents and injuries personal lawyers see in the winter are:

  • Slip and falls
  • Injuries related to shovelling or outdoor maintenance
  • Car accidents
  • Frostbite and other exposures injuries
  • Snowmobile injuries
  • Burns from space heaters and fires
  • Injuries from winter activities and sports  

Staying safe on the road

Personal injury lawyers see a lot of car accident-related injuries in the winter. Even the most experienced winter drivers can fall victim to poor weather conditions. It gets darker out much earlier in the day, so more Canadians are driving at night, making visibility and navigation more difficult than average.

Winter-proofing your car significantly reduces your chances of a winter weather collision. Invest in good quality windshield wipers, and always have extra windshield fluid in your vehicle. Above all else, putting winter tires on your car should be non-negotiable. Personal injury lawyers see many accidents that could be less severe and entirely avoidable with winter tires.

Preventing slip and fall accidents

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere; public sidewalks, private properties, parking lots, and in your front yard. Always wear proper footwear, keep your eyes on the ground, and walk slowly. Keep an adequate supply of salt or sand around your property to melt ice and snow; this will protect you and others from falling.

Suppose you sustain a personal injury on someone else’s private property or public property due to their neglect to keep up with winter maintenance. In that case, they may be liable for damages, and it’s in your best interest to contact a personal injury lawyer to help you.

Injuries can happen indoors too

It’s common to hear about the outdoor personal injury risks during the winter. However, personal injury lawyers see a lot of injuries sustained indoors too. Many families spend more time indoors during the colder months, and children are playing inside more often, making injuries more common.

Space heaters and fireplaces are an excellent resource for adding extra warmth to your home, but they also increase the risk of burns. Additionally, tracking snow inside can make floors slippery and wet. Keep these things in mind during the winter to prevent injuries in your home.

Were you injured in the winter? A personal injury lawyer can help you. 

Taking simple steps to protect yourself and your family in the winter can prevent injuries. Unfortunately, sometimes injuries happen that are beyond our control. Personal injuries can be devastating; emotionally, physically, and financially. Personal injury lawyers are busy in the winter, but they’re never too busy to help you. You should always reach out to a personal injury lawyer to go over your options and next steps.

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