What to do After a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

It comes as no surprise that a motorcycle accident often results in serious injury. While they are not as common as other types of vehicle accidents, data shows that 30 motorcycle riders died as a result of collisions in 2017 alone. It is everyone’s legal responsibility to drive safely, and share the road responsibly. Unfortunately, there are many cases in which people engage in distracted driving, or fail to respect the speed limit. Whether you are a car driver involved in a motorcycle accident or a motorcyclist, there are several things to keep in mind following a collision.

Check for bodily injury

Legal responsibilities can wait until you’ve assessed the seriousness of your injuries and those of the people involved in the motorcycle accident. It’s common to experience shock following an accident, and the adrenaline may block out sensations of pain. Material things can be replaced, your health cannot.

Move off the roadway

Whether you are the individual driving the motorcycle or the car, move the vehicle to the side of the road if you can. Be sure to turn on your hazard lights or warning signals, as this will alert oncoming drivers of your accident.

Note the details

There are always a million thoughts running through your mind following an accident, so we understand how difficult it is to pay attention to the details when your heart is racing a thousand beats per minute. It’s important to remember as much as you can about your incident, such as location, time, weather, speed limit, and so forth.

Get information from everyone involved

If you wish to file an official report, it’s important to get the name, licence number, phone number, and address of everyone involved in the accident. Gather all the details you can, as it will help greatly help your case. You’ll also want to ask for their insurance information. There’s a chance some of the damage will be covered.

Call the police

If someone has been injured as a result of the accident, or if there has been substantial property damage, don’t hesitate to call the police. By giving the police officer the details of the account, you increase the likelihood of being compensated for damages to your motorcycle, automobile, or other personal belongings. That is, of course, if you are not at fault.

Don’t admit that you’re at fault

More often than not, we recognize our own mistakes and apologize for things that we may not actually be at fault for. Feelings of guilt are very common, but if you are even slightly unsure as to who is truly at fault for the accident, wait until you have more information before throwing yourself under the bus, so to speak. It is important to choose your words wisely because ultimately, they can determine your legal fate.

Seek help from a personal injury lawyer

Depending on the situation, and what kind of legal action you wish to take, a Personal Injury Lawyer can be of great help to you. Our experts at Badre Law work with victims of motorcycle accidents on a regular basis. We understand that motorcyclists are one of the most vulnerable categories of road-users, and our goal has always been to get appropriate compensation for any injuries they might acquire.

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