Ontario Car Accidents – Why Winter is the Worst

Ontario Car Accidents

Living in Ontario has many upsides, including: gorgeous lakes and scenery, many large and small cities rich with history and cultural diversity. This makes it a great place to call home. But, like anything, there are some challenges that go along with all the benefits of living here. One common challenge for everyone is winter. Winter travel, extreme weather as so much more wreak havoc on even the simplest tasks that can result in personal injuries.  Ontario car accidents are more common during winter months than any other time of the year.

Winter Driving Challenges

The risk of being involved in a collision is heightened during the winter months, more than the other three seasons. This is due to many factors; an obvious one being poor road conditions. Sudden onset snow storms can limit your visibility while driving, and reduce your traction and braking distance significantly. Rain may seem harmless enough if it is a mild winter day.  However, if temperatures drop even a few degrees it can cause a flash freeze, turning roads into skating rinks. These sudden and extreme weather changes are one of the main reasons why car accidents in Ontario spike during the winter months.

Rushing around for last minute holiday shopping is another reason for the rise of Ontario car accidents during winter. Consequently, there have been more accidents on December 23 that any other day in the year. So if you’re travelling over the days leading up to Christmas, take your time and be aware.

The holiday season also means holiday parties. Sadly, there are still many people that drive impaired over the holidays. If you plan on having a night out, organize for a designated driver to pick you and your friends up after.

How to be Prepared

So there are quite a few reasons behind why Ontario car accidents happen more often in the winter. What can you do to prevent yourself from being involved in an accident? There are few easy steps you can take.

Always clean your car off completely before you drive anywhere. Ice and snow can cause unnecessary blind spots and can fly off your car while you’re driving and hit another vehicle, causing serious damage and/or an accident.

Make sure your vehicle has winter tires to give you as much grip possible. A good set of winter tires will reduce the risk of a collision and give you more control over your vehicle.

It is also in your best interest to learn some winter driving techniques. Being able to confidently handle the situation and execute certain manoeuvres will help you regain control of your vehicle and possibly avoid the accident entirely. Click here for more —> winter driving tips.

These are some ways you can protect yourself from being injured in a car accident. However, even if your vehicle is equipped with proper winter tires, all-wheel drive and other technology to help make winter driving as safe as possible, it doesn’t mean an accident will never happen. Some situations are completely out of your hands. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, contact a personal injury lawyer to review your case today.

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