Unlike in Quebec, winter tires are optional in Ontario. However, winter tires are crucial during our colder months. Here are some reasons to consider using them:

  1. At about 7 C and below the rubber in all-season and summer tires begin to harden which reduces their ability to grip onto the road. Winter tires are made in such a way as to be able to grip on the road regardless of temperature. In a situation where a driver must brake suddenly, proper winter tires will stay soft and grip better.
  2. Winter tires also have superior traction. They offer deeper and more prevalent tread which creates a bigger “bite” on the ice.
  3. Ice and snow under your tires tend to melt which creates a lawyer of water and potentially causes hydroplaning. Winter tires reduce this effect with its special grooves which push the water off to the side.
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Daniel Badre Founder, Partner
Daniel Badre is a distinguished personal injury lawyer based in Ottawa, renowned for his unwavering commitment to justice and advocacy for those who have suffered from accidents or negligence. With a legal career spanning over two decades, Badre has established himself as a compassionate and tenacious advocate for his clients.
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