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Boating Accidents and Personal Injury Claims

Your legal rights if you sustain a personal injury in a boating accident. The official [...]

Ottawa Injury Lawyers Debunk Common Legal Myths

Don’t believe everything you hear; Ottawa injury lawyers debunk popular myths and misconceptions about personal [...]

Mistakes When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

There are numerous personal injury lawyers out there to choose from; save yourself time and [...]

How Winter Tires Can Prevent a Personal Injury

Your all-season season tires just won’t do the job, if you want to avoid a [...]

Common Personal Injury Accidents in the Summer

Five incidents most common during the summer that put you at risk of a personal [...]

Bicycle Season and Risk of Personal Injury

As we enter summer people are inclined to get their bicycles out to get around [...]

Personal Injury Lawyer on the Benefits of Using Winter Tires

Unlike in Quebec, winter tires are optional in Ontario. However, winter tires are crucial during [...]

Personal Injury Cases and the New Simplified Procedure Rules

Some big news and a big win for plaintiffs in personal injury cases! A recent [...]

What Evidence Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Require?

Accidents happen all the time, plain and simple. However, what is not simple is proving [...]

Boating Safety – Tips From a Personal Injury Lawyer

When people think of Canada, our long and harsh winters are one of the first [...]

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