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What are Accident Benefits and how can they help me?

A car accident can easily disrupt your life and bring in severe challenges that change [...]

Kempton v. Struke Estate – an Example of Claiming Upper-range Damages for Psychiatric Injuries

A recent case came out exemplifying how psychiatric injuries, injuries that are not visible to [...]

Brain Injuries and the Psychological Impacts

Brain Injuries Circumstances such as slip-and-falls, workplace accidents, sporting accidents and physical assaults are common [...]

Looking for an Ottawa Injury Lawyer? Start Here.

If you’re looking for an Ottawa injury lawyer to represent you, don’t stress. We’ll help [...]

Chronic Pain and the Minor Injury Guidelines

The reality is most car accidents don’t result in broken bones and serious head injuries. [...]

5 factors that can influence the value of your personal injury case

It can be difficult putting a value on someone’s health and well-being after an accident. [...]

Injury Lawyers in Ottawa Talk Back to School Safety

Safety tips and advice from injury lawyers in Ottawa to parents for a stress-free start [...]

Tips for Giving Good Evidence at Examinations for Discovery

Your answers at examinations for discovery can effect the outcome of your personal injury case. [...]

How to Increase your Personal Injury Settlement

When you’re involved in a potential injury claim it is good to know in advance [...]

Don’t Post It – Advice from a Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer wants to make sure you’re aware that your social media posts [...]

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